Refreshments for budding footballers of Regina Mundi School

An ex-student  has offered to support the refreshments after the morning practice for the month of July to our talented footballers. God bless him and his family.This is truly the spirit of Regina Mundi

The Alumni Association of Regina Mundi School had recognised need to give necessary refreshments to the budding footballers of Regina Mundi School after their morning practices.

The expenditure for 22 trainees, for 24 days a month comes to Rs 14,256/-. The refreshments consist of eggs, bread and flavoured milk.

This will benefit 90 students spread over 6 days a week. (Boys and girls of Under 13, under 14 and under 17 football teams)

Anyone who would like to help and for details please contact P.E.Teacher Allan Gonsalves or call/whatsapp  9822120807.